My name is Delphine Jacquin and I live in Paris since 2003. After studying photography at Gobelins, I started freelancing in the editing of advertising images for multitudes brands. This experience allowed me to evolve in a world made of images and constant meetings, and I realize today that I would prefer to work for myself, for what makes me dream, and try to do something useful to others.


What makes me dream today are the images and the meetings made outside my comfort zone, outside Paris and France, in countries that I don't know and whose language I don't necessarily speak .

The diversity of landscapes and the difference of cultures is beautiful and deserves in my eyes that we dwell on it.

We realize a little more each day the importance and the beauty of our environment, and the impact that we have on it. That is why it is important to me to donate 5% of each sale to an environmental protection association, because every little bit counts.


In the near future, I would like to participate in exhibitions or projects focused on environmental protection, so if you have common desires, don't hesitate to contact me to perhaps create a common project!

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